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Well, I have a lot on my mind. For one, I would have never thought that me and my best friend had as much in common as we do. It gives me a really nice feeling, its like I found someone that really understands what im saying and what im going through sometimes. =)
I feel like I can share my secrets with her, because I can trust her completely. She trusts me and I know that I will always be able to trust her. We tell each other pretty much everything. I think that being able to tell her things is what keeps me from going back to doing what I used to. But in other words, she keeps me sane I guess you could say it that way.
Another thing, why is it that you always find a good friend in the RANDOMEST people?
It seems to be that the people that you least expect to do something or be something are the ones that are exactly the opposite of what you thought...
well thats all for now I guess...

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